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Alpharetta, GA, 30009, US

Phone: 6786132188

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Modern Woodmen Of America was founded in 1883. Ever since, we've been helping families meet their financial needs and make a impact in communities nationwide. As a fraternal financial services organization, we don't have stockholders. We exist for the benefit of our members. We support communities and secure futures. You have unique financial needs and goals. Make sure you can continue to provide for your family, pay your bills, and build financial security for the future. We offer life insurance, annuities, retirement plans and investment products. The best part of Modern Woodmen is their community focused programs. We gave $20 million in fraternal expenditures to support our member's families and communities in 2020. Let me help you plan for life. To learn more about me, visit:


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Savings Plans

Want to save more money? Here's something to keep in mind.

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Budget Plans

An important step towards establishing a secure financial future is knowing exactly where your hard earned money is going. Do you have a budget?

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Whole Life Insurance

Protecting your family for a lifetime shouldn't come with a lifetime of payments.

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Retirement Distribution

Once you retire, the planning doesn't stop. Help make sure you don't outlive the money you worked so hard to save.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning isn't just for the wealthy. I can help you get started! Contact me to learn more.

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Modern Woodmen

During this uncertain time, remember Modern Woodmen was built for this. I'm here for you.

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