About Us

Finding local Alpharetta businesses is now fast and easy. We created this platform to:


1. Help local Alpharetta consumers find the best Alpharetta businesses, coupons and events; and
2. Help local Alpharetta businesses reach more local Alpharetta customers online.


If you own a local Alpharetta business, we offer affordable advertising plans so you can list your business and connect with more local customers.



How does Localretta help Alpharetta customers?


Find reputable businesses. Discover the best businesses in Alpharetta and view valuable information about them including photos, hours of operation, menus, testimonials and more. You can even contact them right from their listing. Discover the best businesses in Alpharetta and view valuable information about them including photos, hours of operation, menus, testimonials and more. You can even contact them right from their listing.


Save money. Alpharetta loves a good deal! We made it easy to find money-saving coupons and deals from participating merchants and share the savings with family and friends.


Stay connected. Stay connected to the community you love and discover upcoming local events. Support the local economy simply by shopping local at your favorite businesses. There are hundreds upon hundreds of potential categories that could be listed on our platform. And we have made an attempt to list as many of the most popular categories that most consumers demand. However, if there are other categories you would love to see. Just contact us at clientsvc@localretta.com. If it makes sense we will make it happen!



How do we help Alpharetta businesses?


Increase online visibility. 97% of consumers use the internet to search for local products and services. If your business is not visible on the web, you're missing out on thousands of potential customers.


Improve search results. Getting on the first page of Google isn't easy. Local directory listings can help improve your Search Engine Ranking, increase positive SEO results for your company, and help you show up higher in local search results.


Get more customers. Alpharetta customers are actively searching for businesses like yours on the web. We help you connect with the customers in Alpharetta looking for your services.



Localretta.com is a startup platform founded on the simple premise of giving local Alpharetta consumers more diverse online options to the thriving Alpharetta business community. Furthermore, small businesses are being challenged every day to keep up with the Joneses. Until recently, they had very little chance to compete with national advertisers for consumer attention.Localretta wants to help assist you with that challenge!


Localretta.com provides small, independent Alpharetta businesses an opportunity to reach a qualified, local consumer audience through a profile on its highly trafficked, consumer-facing platform. Localretta.com provides its content to users in a hyper-local context, that is, neighborhoods and other relevant localities.Locolretta.com goal are to display the authenticity of the thriving Alpharetta business community. As well as bringing great value to its consumers.


We always have one goal in mind — helping Alpharetta businesses and consumers win!






Support our local economy and we encourage you to always shop locally whenever possible! Localretta.com is a socially concise business enterprise. And we are currently supporting Compass Movement, Inc.




"On the ocean of life let your mind be the ship and your heart be the compass."

                                                                                                                                                                            -JAMES DAVID MANNING





Our Mission

To prevent teen suicide through awareness, conversation, and connection.



Our Vision

A global community fostering hope and compassion.




Our Values

We believe that:



Every life is equal in value and purpose.


No one should or deserves to struggle with suicidal thoughts alone.


No one can be a burden.


The best way to save lives from suicide is to break down barriers and create a supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere. This allows people struggling to feel more comfortable seeking help.




Story Behind The Name


Since their creation, compasses have been used for two main purposes. They've guided people, and they've unified everyone under one true north.


At Compass Movement, we want to be a compass for all teens, regardless of background, religion, race, or struggle. We want to help guide and direct teenagers through the challenges they may face in such a critical time of their lives, towards their bright and unique futures.



We also want to start a movement. We want to break the barriers between one another and unite everyone under our one true north: the idea that everyone deserves to be respected, regardless of their struggles. We can only save lives if we work together in creating a world where people are free to seek help without the fear of stigma.





























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