Where is Your Marketing Budget Going?



Introducing: Localretta Boost!



You deserve a boost to your brand! You should put Localretta Boost in your budget! 



With Localretta Boost, you can build a targeted audience, generate new leads & sales, and establish your brand all at once!


Audience Generation:


Target users based on gender, location, interest, and more! Then interact with these users organically 24/7 driving hundreds of visits per day.


Sales Funnel:


Use Localretta Boost to create your most successful sales funnel. Bring users to your profile with specific Comments and then drop them an introductory DM sharing your offer. Has a 58% click-through rate!




Users are 72% more likely to interact with your business on Instagram than any other platform. If you do not have a professional Instagram page you are missing out on sales!



How we find your target audience?




If you have a store or service offered in a physical location, we target users that check-in at locations on Instagram where your target audience is visiting.




If your business targets only men or women, we can easily filter out users by gender.




Do you sell to other businesses? We can target only users with business email addresses in their bio.


Explicit Filters:


We protect the sanctity of your business by using specific filters to avoid interacting with inappropriate posts or users.



Sales Funnel Demo:


You will find a targeted post to interact with and leave a specific, authentic Comment and then a Follow.


That user will visit your profile and return the Follow. At this point, the user has a 30-40% chance of clicking on your link.


You will then send the user a personalized DM introducing your business and offer. Here you can use a clickable link and image.


If the user does not answer your DM you can send a follow-up DM with a better offer

When that user responds you can set up and automated response.


Localretta Boost is an organic Instagram marketing solution which gets your Instagram account real followers fast with our managed social media marketing tools and managed Instagram marketing services. Give your brand the reach and influence it deserves!  





($ 175.00/mo)


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 Custom Analytics

 Send Unique DMs



 Targeted Comments






 Targeted Liking


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