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3005 Old Alabama Road Suite 50, Alpharetta, Georgia, 30022, US

Phone: 470-273-2012


Pure Therapy MD is an upscale retail store that carries a high-end CBD product line that was formulated by a double board-certified Anesthesiologist and an Interventional Pain Management Physician that specializes in the treatment of cancer-related pain and chronic pain disorders The inspiration for Pure Therapy was born from her family’s desire to find an alternative treatment option for my son. They started trying hemp-derived CBD products, but uncertainty about quality CBD products for our little one was troublesome. Not all CBD products are created the same. From that moment, we made it our personal mission to understand the processing of hemp plants from seed to sale. We have tied together with the experience as an Interventional Pain Management physician with over 10 years of experience with a chemist and aromatherapist with over 20 years of experience with product development. We provide quality CBD based products that are derived from all-natural sources and select strands of the hemp plant with specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles. All of our products are formulated based on medical and scientific principles. We want to create a place where you can have comfort in knowing that your products have been researched to ensure that you are receiving a great quality product.


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