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5815 Windward Parkway Suite 211, Alpharetta, GA, 30005, US

Phone: 7709195088


Let us start by introducing ourselves, we are local multicultural group of chefs, foodies and explorer's.
We have owned restaurants, served in the most iconic music festivals across the US. Fast forward to 2019, a couple of guys, a few six packs, good vibez, bumping Outkast in the background. EGGROLL BOYZ, LLC was born.

Our concept of GIANT GOURMET Eggrollz needed some R&D. With a combination of the booming market of Food Trucks, we just rolled with it "literally".

"Something new, different and deemed a "New Food Trend" within the first few weeks.
Our EggRollz are inspired by our travels, across the globe. Bursting with flavor some familiar, some exotic.
Winter 2021, we are due to open our first brick and mortar restaurant concept. With over 20 different Giant Gourmet Eggrollz, 2 food trucks that will run throughout Georgia with a limited menu.



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We love this place. Something that Alpharetta has needed for a long time. We have been several times.

— Bruce Allegan

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